The cuddle demon chronicles 1.2

It was with a gentle nudge they decided to wake me from my infactuation trance this time. A rhythmic, soothing and almost maternal  rocking motion with sole intention of not startling me back to the reality of my tormentors presence, but instead to ease me back to the reality that is my cuddle deficient life. They do know how to lull you into a false sense of contentment those cuddle demons. Leave you alone for half a day or so while you go about your business and just as you start to think you have everything under control.......... BooM! The blast right back into your train of thought and derail everything..... EVERYTHING!. Not 1 thing, Not 2 things... not even just 3...... but EVERYTHING!

The Cuddle Demon Chronicles 1

.... Its the bitter chill of these frosty British Autumn nights that lure the hibernating cuddle demons from their lair. With a lazy yet deliberate flick of its tail , it slowly shakes itself awake(first ever instance of the tail wagging the demon). A deep groan of the belly serves as a sobering reminder that this beast has not had nourishment for a considerable amount of time. Its first priority will be to rally the others, devise a primitive yet faultless plan of attack and look for a lovelorn victim to feed on as its sole pray. Its a bitter sweet moment when one is finally struck by the dread of its arrival. On one hand they are my tormentors, but in a different light I have the faint excitement of not having to spend the evenings alone. A battle of the minds they call it, whose mind it is was the clarification the voices in my mind conveniently overlooked..... Back to these creatures of wretched torment and mental anguish.

To date, no one has yet bothered to decipher their seemingly incomprehensible gibberish. The heavy breathing itself, rhythmic & trance inducing, seems to be a language in its own right. The heavy thundering hooves/paws/claws(i can never quite get a clear view of what it is they walk on/with).

Fashion & Style maiden voyage

Its not everyday people are compelled to push the limits of their imagination in the pursuit of something greater than mere perfection. Perfection ,although an admirable cause , comes undone when one pits it against the insurmountable power of creativity. This is not just a theory I cooked up whilst pondering in my daily ritual on the throne! even the scientific genius Albeit Einstein himself was famously quoted as saying "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but IMAGINATION!"....... Let's give that a moment to sink in...... Moment done.

Now...... I know you're thinking in your inner voice, how does a great scientist like Einstein end up on a social blog about style, fashion and lifestyle? . Just hop onto my train of thought and enjoy the ride soon you'll see where I'm going with this. Great fashion Icons and artists(think Picasso, Banksy, Donatella, Dolce) have never been known to follow societies  educated assumptions  on what is beautiful, fashionable or artistic. They have ,since time immemorial, been steadfast in what they believe(d) to be artistic freedom and ultimately expressions of their creativity. It has taken me a few years to fully appreciated and understand the presently famous saying "Fashion is what you buy & style is what you do with it"...... gets me every time. There's a reason why rock stars have long been fashion inspirations for their legions of fans and even had their style of dress given an internationally recognised moniker, the Rocker look, Punk Rock look, Grunge Rock look or my favourite the Chic Rocker look....... I could ramble on but you get my drift

The moral lesson of this literature piece is simple, there are leaders and followers in the world that's just the dynamic of this little planet of ours but more so in the the world of fashion and style. Those who dictate the trends get to dress, live, behave and eat however they please , by so doing they get to use their imagination freely too! I have grown tired of being a spineless slave to the "in thing" or this prevalent "Mob psychology"(not to be confused with the gangsta connotation). Not saying I wont rock a good outfit just because its popular.... No!... it basically means I will rock an outfit  if "I" believe its good! I will however prefer to have the look tailored to my preferences.  I wont allow myself to buy a £500 Hermes belt as a show of wealth (which I so often see worn with a £18shirt,£25jeans & £30shoes) I will however buy the belt if it genuinely complements the look I'm going for ........

So Ladies and Gentlemen I implore you to dress so the comments you receive are more along the lines of 'I like your look/style/outfit' and not I like your £320 LV belt. Fashion is what you buy- STYLE is what you do with it!......

(just to clarify I make enough money to buy the Hermes belt........just saying).